Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome to the 305 IKEA Miami!

If we waited any longer I think we would move over to our dreams and start living in our Ikea perfect rooms
The eager and anxious wait has been over!!! IKEA is opening in Miami on August 27th!
We have chased the cafecito (coffee) stations all over Miami, the Glass truck and stalked our the different events in town like the one at the Dominos Park in Little Havana or the Chalk Art Exhibition.  We tweeted, blogged and finally the wait is over.  We are so happy about our new neighbor.
cool moms cool tips ikea miami little havana

Last Wednesday we attended the media tour and enjoyed the fabulous hospitality of IKEA staff who welcomed us to a trio of  Swedish-American-Floridian flags, a delicious meal spread right from the Ikea food section and then a discovery of the new store.
cool moms cool tips ikea reception

Selfishly I took it as a pre-birthday celebration for little moi, with the magnificent dessert bar that was laid out.  This sweet tooth was in heaven!!  wink, wink.
cool moms cool tips ikea food

All what we love from Ikea will be there for us waiting: the great prices, ideas and handy gadgets.
Family first is very prevalent throughout and you can enjoys the small space suggestion rooms like this one 
cool moms cool tips ikea miami apartment

 But we all know or will be getting to know IKEA very well in the 305.  so instead of sharing more about this have it all store, how about I share with you what they have in store for us starting tomorrow to get us in total celebration mode:

Wednesday August 27th:
-First 39 adults to enter the store will take home for free an EKTORP sofa.
- the next 100 guests will take with them a  POÄNG chair for free.
- the first 100 kids under 18 in the line will get to hug the IKEA heart plus all the way home.
- The first 2,500  adults to visit the store will be handed envelopes with gift cards from $10 to $250, BOGO coupons or free food items like hot dogs or frozen yogurt cones.
- If your birthday is on August 27th, you will  be able to claim a gift cart of $30.50 another nod to our 305 area code. 
Thursday August 28th:
- a SULTAN HALLEN mattress to the first 39 adults! 
- the next 100 adults will receive free delivery for all what they purchase that day at the store 
Friday August 29th:
- How about free meatballs for an entire year?  that is what the first 39 adults ot the store will be getting on Fiday
- The next 100 guests will be receive an emblematic IKEA food bag and a gift certificate to fill it up with their heart's desire from the food department
- the next 305 guests will be treated to a delicious frozen yogurt cone
- kids 12 and under will eat for free on Friday 
- From August  27th to the 31st, everyone who visits IKEA can be entered to the raffle of 10  $450 Gift Cards via the IKEA family program  
- From August 27th until September 1st many family activities will be at the store for our enjoyment (face painters, musicians, and many other activities)  
cool moms cool tips ikea miami outdoor

So are you finally ready to walk into IKEA Miami? I know I am I desperately need to finally have a proper office and my backyard is in need of some outdoor furniture and accessories.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Powerful Nyne Portable Speaker- Tested and Reviewed: Take and Share Your Music

We received a NYNE Multimedia Inc Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker  for review, but all opinions shared are our own.  Nyne is small compact, and with overall good looks.  Ours is green and black.
cool moms cool tips nyne portable speaker fits anywhere

So we set our to test this speaker.  We have to say that we are loving this small but powerful speaker!  it is simply amazing and convenient. I was taken aback when I discovered I could answer the phone with the speaker.
cool moms cool tips nyne speaker detail

The size is perfect to travel with us everywhere. It comes with an accessory that allows for you to clip it on pretty much to anything you can think of. That being said, it might be geared towards teens, but far from one, I am carrying this speaker everywhere.
cool moms cool tips nyne portable speaker at beach

The sound quality is great, and like I said powerful. It was crystal clear, and never did it break or fade away. We managed a great beach party with it. Best part of all was that the sand dusted off very easily. I was a bit concerned sand would be stuck in every nook, cranny and the actual speaker holes. Nothing to report.
The battery lasts what seems for hours! Knowing it is so easy to recharge gives me so much less to remember.  I won't hear it form the kids.
Keep in mind, I am not the tech kind but using this Nyne speaker and connecting it has been a breeze.

We love that we can connect it to all of our devices: iPhones, iPads, smartphones and tablets. The cordless capability makes it easy to take around, but also good for our cordless home. The design fits pretty much all styles and it is more on the sleek minimalist side.
cool moms cool tips nyne portable speaker at home
I would love to try the next size speaker just to compare, but I have all I need with this amazing speaker. We are set to share all our music on the go or at home.
Now that we have tested it through and through our tween has claimed it as his own and it goes everywhere with him.  If you are interested in one of these powerful portable speakers, you can find them  at Amazon.com in the Nyne page available for $49.95 
cool moms cool tips nyne speaker tween

Have you experienced the sound of a Nyne speaker? Would you like to enjoy easy portable music to share?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

West Volusia Twitter Party Alert! #FrugalFLVacation

Planning your Florida Vacation? We have just the place for you to discover!!
It is no secret that we Love and enjoy West Volusia.  We told you about great places to discover like Blue Spring State Park, the Debary Hall and also the Sterson Mansion
There is still much that I have to discover there!  Truth is that each year, thousands of tourists flock to Central Florida to enjoy the beaches and theme parks and while it can be great fun for the entire family, it can get expensive. For those of you who are budget conscious, we have a great alternative.  You guessed it!  It is The West Volusia region of Central Florida, located between Daytona Beach and Orlando.  It really has something for everyone. 

We invite you to discover more! Join us on Thursday August 28th at 9pm ET for the @WestVolusiaFLa #frugalflvacation Twitter Party to learn about the frugal family adventures that you can experience for 1/3 of the cost of those other vacations. 

Please RSVP by commenting at the bottom of the post  on this link to be eligible to win the door prize
Note:  If you have participated in our other Twitter Parties, you can log in with the same user name and id that you used before.  If you wish to use a different user name, you will need to register with a different email address.

The Party Details:
When: Thursday August 28, 2014 at 9pm ET
Where: Twitter - follow hashtag #frugalflvacation

Brands: @westvolusiafla

Party Panelists(Please follow all to receive all tweets): 

@CouponMamacita @coolchillmom @realfrugaldiva@flfostermom

Twitter Party Topics:
Are you looking for a great fall getaway, but find it hard to do so on a limited budget?  The West Volusia region of Central Florida offers you the opportunity to explore Florida on a limited budget and still be able to discover your happiness! You can cook your own pancakes on table top griddles at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill in DeLeon Springs State Park, attend one of the many festivals taking place in Downtown DeLand , take a Segway nature tour or a scenic river cruise, see alligators, manatees and birds in their natural habitat and do it all for a 1/3 of the price of one admission to a theme park. Whether you decide to stay in a RV, tent or cabin, bed and breakfast, or hotel; there is something for everyone. 

Make your own pancakes at the Old Spanish
Sugar Mill in DeLeon Springs State Park

See hundreds of manatees in their winter home at

Blue Spring State Park.  (Manatee season begins November 15th!)

Twitter Party Prizes:
We're giving away (2) two night/three day getaways in the West Volusia Region.   Planning a vacation to the beach or one of the theme parks?  A vacation in the DeLand/West Volusia region makes a great #RealFlorida add on to any Florida Vacation.  Visit West Volusia, Florida's Sweet Spot. 

To get started, tweet

 "Join me at the @WestVolusiaFLA #frugalflvacation Twitter Party 8/28 at 9pm ET and enter to #Win a 2-night getaway.!"

Tweet this invitation before 6 p.m. on August 28th and two of you will be randomly selected to receive a two night/3 day getaway in the West Volusia region of Central Florida courtesy of visitwestvolusia.com, so help spread the word and you may win! 

Can't wiat to see you at the party!  Go RSVP!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Mirassou Popsicles for Adult Dessert: A Foodie Summer Delight!

cool moms cool tips Mirassou popsicle recipies
  We discovered Mirassou at an incredible SITS Girls Bloggy Boot Camp
We are thoroughly enjoying summer with food.  As one of the delicious ways we are doing it is focusing on themes: nationality, food type or flavors.  We had a spice around the world dinner, a cheese and fruit pairing afternoon and a Scottish breakfast delight.  
cool moms cool tips Mirassou popsicle ingredients
Next on the list, summer adult dessert: Popsicles. 
I came up with several quick and easy Popsicle with Mirassou wine:  Moscato  for  its refreshing sweetness, Chardonnay for  its medium body and fruit forward peachy/ nectarine notes, and Sunset Red to take advantage of its sophisticated pomegranate and dark cherry.
I made a total of 4 different recipes.

If I may say so myself, I think these creations made with Mirassou wine will be a perfect mix to create Popsicle delight for dessert foodies.
Here is the first one: I called it Veiled Watermelon
cool moms cool tips Mirassou popsicle chardonnay watermelon

cool moms cool tips Mirassou popsicle chardonnay watermelon recipe
TIP: Use plastic knives instead of sticks or straws.
Guests loved the idea of having different flavors come at them while they worked their way through the popsicle.  The lemon slice at the bottom helped absorbing some of the melted juices.

The second popsicle is  our Red Sweetness
This was my favorite posicle to make and offer.  The colors really popped out and looked sleek and elegant.

cool moms cool tips Mirassou popsicle red sweetness

cool moms cool tips Mirassou popsicle red sweetness recipe
Before I share my next two recipes, let me tell you a little about Mirassou wines. Thanks to an amazing Bloggy Boot Camp by the SITS girls in Miami a few months ago, I was privileged to hear David Mirassou talk to us about wine.  He shared a few ideas on pairing  foods with wine, and helped us see wine in a different light.  Bottom line, his motto is that wine is to be enjoyed how each of us would like to.  Mmmmm not so sure about going against my grandmother’s teachings on how red wine is to enjoy with red meats and white for poultry, fruits, and fish.  I was really taken when Mr. Mirassou said he put ice in his wine.  Oh yes, my grandmother is turning in her grave.  
I need to heed Mr. Mirassou’s advice.  After all he is a 6th generation wine maker.  The Mirassou company started in America when Pierre Pellier came from France looking for the best California had to offer.  In operation since 1854, Mirassou is the oldest wine-making family in America.  Mirassou prides itself offering us products made with part optimism and part California sunshine.

Back to recipes, next up is the Tart Strawberry Chardonay.
For this one we played a bit with the Lemonade mix and took away sugar from it to make the contrast of the flavors stronger.
cool moms cool tips Mirassou popsicle strawberry tarty

cool moms cool tips Mirassou popsicle strawberry tarty recipe
Finally, taking advantage of our Florida Oranges, I used Orange juice to add another variety to my Mirassou collection of Popsicles.  This one we call the Sunshinesicle
cool moms cool tips Mirassou popsicle sunshinesicle

cool moms cool tips Mirassou popsicle sunshinesicle recipe
Easy peasy! Do you agree?
The result is a very refreshing dessert that is fun to eat.  It has the acidity of the fruity Chardonnay and the sweetness of the Mirassou Sunset Red plus the lush flavor of the Watermelon, Strawberries and Orange juice that is brought out by the tart and refreshing flavor the lemon adds to it.
cool moms cool tips Mirassou popsicle yummines
I can't wait for you to try it out and come back to tell me what you think.  I am thinking of a Mango Tropical Mirassou Popsicle next...

Thanks for the inspirations Mr Mirassou!  
He is on a crusade to have everyone enjoy wine “the way you like it” and so I believe we have.
How else do you enjoy your wine?

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Embroidered Uniforms from All Uniform Wear

Recently we have been introduced to All Uniform Wear, a company which beginnings and story we admire.  It all begun with the entrepreneurial vision of the patriarch of the family who in 1979 started selling at flea markets.  With true dedication and lots of hard work together as a family, the business blossomed to being recognized  as  experts in uniform and  embroidery industry in Miami.

We love the story of the company which today is still owned and operated by the  De Paz family who constantly focus on offering the best quality in-house embroidery piece.  That leaves many other industries coming over and over to them for their services. Their uniform lines include school uniforms, public safety uniforms, medical uniforms, industrial uniforms, hospitality uniforms and much more.

With the back-to-school dash, it is great to know that they do partner with several South Florida schools.  In addition to that, they have 22 locations that do have embroidery machines for on the spot last minute, quick turnaround needs.
With over more than 30 years experience in their industry, and never sacrificing quality or service, they are prepared to cater to the most demanding parents, and through the year we are sure their uniforms must hold up to the test of student's wear and tear.

In addition to supplying so many industries in our area with fabulous uniforms, All Uniform Wear gives back to the community in different ways, like for example, hosting a nurses week or offering High School Seniors the opportunity at scholarships that recognize excellence in academic achievement.

We can't wait to discover their quality.
Have you?  Have you heard of this company before?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School Hair Styles Possible at Our Home Thanks to JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES®

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® and Latina Bloggers Connect. Per FTC requirements
cool moms cool tips #nomoretangles back to school styling  #ad

We live with a little girl that loves fufu things, dresses, make-up and everything pink!  As she grows, she wants her hair long as a princess but her hair constantly tangles and brushing it is no fun.  That meant that our soon to be hectic back-to-school days were going to be a little challenging.  No doubt we would be late everyday, I thought.

Her hair is beautiful and wavy.  Just like her, it has a mind of its own.  It easily becomes a nightmare of a mess.  A nightmare for both mom and princess: mom was the ogre pulling at her hair, princess was the victim suffering the pains of beautifying.  It got to a point that she would run away and hide so no one would brush or comb her hair- let alone style it in any way.  I was definitively dreading the morning madness that was coming upon us with back-to-school days.  At least for the first weeks while we settle into the routine.
cool moms cool tips #nomeretangles my canvas mess

I needed to find a solution quick.  I am happy to report that we have reached our "happy ever after ending" thanks to the exclusive JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® 3 step regimen that not only helps us fight the evil with of tangles, but also ensures beautiful and nourished hair. I am on my way to beautiful hair that will be easy to style in our busy, very busy school mornings.
It is an easy and quick routine that allows us to take care of hair in a jiffy.  A very important point when you need to get out the door quickly and also convince your little traumatized diva that it wont be what she was used to.

In 3 easy step I prep the hair:

  • Step 1: JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Shampoo & Conditioner leaves hair beautiful and easy to manage

  • Step 2: JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Leave In Conditioner controls wild frizz and tangles for silky, shiny hair

  •  Step 3: JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Detangling Spray instantly unlocks stubborn knots in wet or dry hair

Now we are ready for the master pieces!
Honestly, we are still getting over the horror that doing her hair was.  As easy as Johnson has made it for us, our princess won't allow for much.  That works for me because I need alternatives that will makes us get out the door as fast as we can for school. So, I have narrowed it down to these 3 that for now she allows me to do on her:
  • a pony tail
  • two types of braids and
I love that these are quick, no fuss, great looking and once the hair has been cared for by Johnson's® NO MORE TANGLES®  the styles are easy to put together.
My favorite is this fishtail braid . It can look quite fancy and elaborate.
Here is a quick video that shows how easy it is to do

Leave it to  Johnson's® Baby, with over 100 years caring for our little ones is the most trusted name if baby care to solve my daughter's hair issues.  You have to always go to the experts!

We know that  pure, mild, gentle and clinically proven products made and formulated for children and their delicate hair is at the core of  Johnson's® Baby. This brand is indeed a brand rooted in science, and uses that knowledge and  over a century working with babies to deliver products that time and time again allow us to care for our children.
Johnson's® NO MORE TANGLES® Collection is available in food, drug and mass-market chain stores.   For more information about the brand and its products please visit: English  or the Spanish 

Now that we have had our trial run, and are loving the Johnson's® NO MORE TANGLES® line  I will be discovering and trying out all the ton of  styles and ideas  Johnson's® Baby has for us to be ready for the back to school morning rush!
I will go see if I can start practicing the bun for the ballet recitals
cool moms cool tips #nomoretangles trio regimen #ad
I know you want kids to go to school looking their very best.  Doing your mommy routines you might just win $5000 from the #NoMoreTangles #sweepstakes.  Come on, don't be shy, show off your student's back-to-school hair style sharing it on Instagram.  Use both hashtags #NoMoreTangles and #Sweepstakes by September 15h for a chance to win!

Do you have a favorite style for the back-to -school routine?